Artisan winemaking

In winegrowing, we believe small details can make a big difference

Because even the tiniest single element can influence the final product, we control every stage in the production process and use only grapes and wine from our own vineyards. We work to achieve a perfect balance between technology and ancestral techniques, with the purpose of obtaining top-quality grapes and wine with maximum terroir expression.

To do this we impose strict guidelines on everything we do, both in the vineyard and in the winery. These include an indulgent, gentle handling of the grapes in our gravity-flow cellar throughout the winemaking process.

Leading-edge technology

Designed by winery founder Carlos Laso, the Pago Casa Gran winery was thoughtfully engineered to support elite-quality, organic wine production. Many small details combine to guarantee the maximum respect for our grapes and full implementation of our quality directives. Our winery design also supports sustainability through thermal and energy efficiency, and by minimizing the production of waste materials.


Throughout the year our technical director and oenologist oversees all viticultural activities, and ensures a high level of care for our precious vineyard resources. During harvest he establishes standards for grape selection and determines their potential blending destination based on varietals, site-sourcing and quality.

Afterwards, he decides which winemaking process will be optimal based on the individuality and diversity of the raw material available that year—always rejecting the use of any commercial yeast, which ensures our indigenous yeasts can play a key role in the birth of Pago Casa Gran wines with incomparable complexity, fruit purity and personality.

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