Terroir expressiveness and transparency

Enjoy an authentic artisan wine experience with Pago Casa Gran

At Pago Casa Gran our wines are unique, just like every individual person. One important factor is our 100% native yeasts, which play a leading role in driving a more distinctive character. We also apply our own natural chemical formulas, with various wine by-products that result naturally from the winemaking process and can help improve our wines. The use of these products comes from artisanal know-how combined with hard work, as we constantly test our assumptions over years of experience.

Falcata tier

Falcata wines are more mineral highlighting the essence of the soil and the care and respect that our artisans have for the vines and grapes.

Falcata Red / Rosé / White
Falcata Casa Gran
Falcata Arenal

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The Casa Benasal tier

Casa Benasal wines tend to be more fruit-forward, aligning with modern consumer preferences while always keeping their distinctive personality. They clearly express the terroir from which they come, and reflect our winemaker’s commitment to quality in all harvest decisions and winemaking techniques.

Casa Benasal red / rosé / white
Casa Benasal Elegant
Casa Benasal Crux

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The Single-Varietal tier

Our collection of wines made with single grape varieties draws exclusively from local grapes traditionally enjoyed in the Les Alcusses valley for centuries.

Garnacha tintorera

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