Organic viticulture

Philosophy: transforming our estate into sustainable ecosystems

We are transforming our estate “Casa Gran” into a paradise while, at the same time, our vineyards into sustainable ecosystems that provide a balance with the environment and the production of top quality grapes.

Our viticulture techniques are established to improve the biodiversity and the soil, keeping it alive favoring the mycorrhization, that helps our vines obtain better nutrients.


Within our philosophy biodiversity is not an objective by itself but a way to
obtain a living system. Our vines coexist all year around with ground covers that were specifically designed for every plot depending on the vigor of the vines, their density and the type of soil. Ground covers are to the soil what the skin is to the flesh; they protect it and provide biodiversity.

Organic agriculture by belief

We aim for our soils to be self-sufficient as regards nutrients providing top quality results while being in balance. This is other of the reasons we use ground covers that contribute with organic matter and attach nitrogen while we grind the discarded vine shoots on the ground as carbon contribution.

Animals and Gardens

Insects, reptiles, birds and other Mediterranean animals (wild boars, rabbits…) together with trees and plants play a very important role in a balanced ecosystem.
We understand that their interaction is beneficial in order to achieve that balance and therefore we create biodiversity hot spots (biodiversity corridors), dry stone roads and balance out areas. We feed a flock of sheep during winter with the ground covers we have on the vineyards and during fall and winter with the pressed grape
skins. These animals bring harmony to our paradise.

Committed with the environment, water management.

The Mediterranean climate offers rainfalls but unevenly distributed during the year, mainly concentrated in fall and winter. The ground covers and biodiversity corridors avoid the erosion and force the rainwater to stay at the subsoil becoming a natural reserve for spring and summer.

We designed a system that conducts the excess of rainwater through our estate with retaining areas that help the water to seep in and become these reserves. The house and the cellar have pipes to collect the rainwater to our reservoir.

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