History, visit and team

The history of wine in this estate starts more than 300 years ago

The history of wine in this estate starts more than 300 years ago. We have preserved a cellar from those times in Casa Benasal.

However, wine remains from the IV century B.C. were found at the Iberian town located at the summit of the neighboring mountain. Manuela Galbis, the founder’s mother, initiated the wine production at Casa Gran in the 1960s.

Wines and state

At Pago Casa Gran we define ourselves as artisans with two objectives: Produce top quality
wines and improve our estate. Both objectives are linked together given that the wines are an expression of this privileged land and its history. The whole of our production is under organic standards, holding the European certificate from 2006 and at maximum level of Delinat directives from 2009..

Delinat Institute from Switzerland

After a deep study, all our activity has been thoroughly designed following our objectives and philosophy. Other important foundation in our project is the guidelines established by the Delinat Institute from Switzerland. Following them ensures that we are on the cutting edge of organic wine production in a sustainable ecosystem, rejecting both the industrialized environmentalism and cultural practices drawn away from biodiversity.

The team

Pago Casa Gran’s team is a small group of people with the greatest of passion for what they do, not just while applying their vast knowledge as regards viticulture and winemaking but also, as they were raised in the area, who would be better to understand how everything works in this region?

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